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Centro Pokkoli is the meeting place of the Cultural Association Pokkoli & Co. in Italy
dedicated to art, theater, video- making, creative writing, literary translation, and language learning. We organize courses, seminars, and individual writing retreats for our members, and occasionally work together with US and European organizations and institutions, such as the Kenyon Review Italy Program, the Converse College Creative Writing Department, the Aegean Arts Circle, and others. On our web page, we promote the activities and books of our members and friends scattered around the world. We also try to bring notice of interesting books or opportunities for study abroad in any of the above fields, which come our way and which may be of interest to our members, not all of which are organized by our association.

Work with Linda Lappin's new creative writing book this summer on Andros at the Aegean Arts Circle Workshop. "Invaluable advice for the Writer and Traveler" -- Lavinia Spalding. "A Workbook for all Creatives" --Wewanted2bwriters.com

Islands are for writers

Take some time for your writing this summer on Andros!
photo credit: Hope Alvarado


View from the hotel where the Aegean Arts Circle participants stay

Pool of hotel where participants stay on Andros

Write and Relax on Andros this summer!

Snapshots of past Creative Writing Workshops @​ Centro Pokkoli

Memoir Class Converse College


A moment's meditation Photo credit: Hope Alvarado

Kenyon Review Poetry Reading Workshop

Question and Answer Time with Peter Selgin and Paulette Licitra

Linda Lappin with students of University of Texas A&M

Poetry Workshop with David Baker Kenyon Review Creative Writing Workshop

Gathering in the courtyard

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Centro Pokkoli Joins
the Aegean Arts Circle Writing Workshop
@ Andros, Greece
July 7-13,2016 with
Linda Lappin

Islands are for Writers


on the Greek island of Andros in July 2016 for a multigenre workshop dedicated to PLACE WRITING -- based on her new creative writing workbook THE SOUL OF PLACE: Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci This book has just won a prestigious Nautilus Book Award in the category of Creative Process. The Nautilus Awards celebrate books supporting green values, conscious living, and spiritual growth. Previous winners include Julia Cameron, Barbara Kingslover, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. For a complete list of 2016 winners for books published in 2015, click here.

2016 marks the fourteenth year of the Aegean Arts Circle Writing Workshops held on the Greek island of Andros and directed by Greek-American writer, artist and creativity expert, Amalia Melis. This quiet island in the Cyclades offers a perfect setting where writers can meet, write, exchange ideas, create new work and relax in a landscape deeply inscribed with myth and history, and surrounded by fabulous beaches. See below for more details.

LINDA LAPPIN'S WORKSHOP - DETAILS Multigenre Creative Writing Workshop
July 7th-July 13th, 2016 -- Andros, Greece

The purpose of this workshop is to generate new ideas, material, and approaches to creative writing projects in all genres and to unlock unexplored sources of inspiration concealed in our environment and in our memories. We will be investigating our deeper connections to places both familiar and exotic, rural and urban, natural and artificial, real and imaginary through a series of writing exercises and assignments intended to help writers conjure the soul of place. Some of the themes addressed will be: landscape narratives, flânerie, pilgrimage, deep maps and desire maps, labyrinths, childhood and sacred space, islands and isolation, solitude and non-places, the mythic and the surreal. The workshop is open to writers of all genres.

Workshop Schedule:

Each morning we will work with a couple of themes in class, using whatever genre suits the individual writers best-- journaling, poetry, prose, short fiction, travel essay, memoir. Assignments will be given for the following day, when we will share our new writing in class. Afternoons will be set aside for writing and exploration. In the evening we will meet up for dinner to discuss our progress. Writers may request a private conference with the instructor during the conference. We will be working with ideas from Lappin's new book The Soul of Place -A Creative Writing Workbook: Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci Discounted paperback copies will be available to participants.

Workshop costs:

$1600 USA or 1450 Euros Fees include round trip ferry tickets Rafina port/Andros, Six- night stay in an air-conditioned, single room with bath (doubles available on request) and balcony overlooking the sea at a fine Andros hotel, breakfast & special dinners made just for our group by hotel chef, van pick up/drop off Andros port-Andros Hotel, workshop fees. The option to stay additional days to write in Andros is available, extra fees will apply.
Please contact info@aegeanartscircle.com for more information. Please note that all financial arrangements must be made with the Aegean Arts Circle click here for more info or contact amalia@aegeanartscircle.com Some scholarships may be available to AWP members. Returning participants are entitled to a discount.

Writer Bio
BIO: Linda Lappin, prize-winning poet, novelist, essayist, and travel writer is the author of The Soul of Place-A Creative Writing Workbook: Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci (Travelers’ Tales 2015). She has published three novels: The Etruscan (2004, 2010, runner up in fiction at the New York Book Festival 2010), Katherine’s Wish ( 2008 Gold medal Ippy Awards in historical fiction, finalist for the Foreword Book of the Year), Signatures in Stone (2013, Overall Winner, Daphne Du Maurier Award). Her essays have been published in The Kenyon Review, the Literary Review, Prairie Schooner, Rain Taxi, Writers’ Chronicle, anthologized by Seal Press, awarded the Travelers Tales/ Solas House Bronze Medal for travel writing, the Hugh J. Luke award for the essay, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her poetry has appeared in Agni, kayak, and the Seneca Review. She has held workshops at the following venues: the USAC Study Abroad Consortium in Italy, the Centro Pokkoli in Italy also in coordination with the Kenyon Review Italy Program and the Converse College Creative Writing Program, Rome Feltrinelli International, Paris Women’s Writing Workshop, and the English Department of Christian Albrecht University in Kiel Germany. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa.
Click here to find out more about Lappin's workshops

"A Workbook for all Creatives" Wewanted2bwriters.com
"A great new resource for writers" Dr. Jessie Voigts, Wandering Educators
"A conscious way to explore the power of place" WanderLit
"Lappin's book feels like a life guide" Candice Ransom
"This book will change your writing" Wandering Educators
"Invaluable advice for the writer and traveler" Lavinia Spalding
"Deeply intelligent & Inspiring" Susan Tekulve, Serving House Journal

The Aegean Arts Circle Workshop: The place where writers meet


--"Andros is a quiet Cycladic island with little tourism making it an ideal place to slow down, get away from the daily grind to focus on new writing. For a complete program, please visit the site The Aegean Arts Circle or email us directly by
clicking here"--Amalia Melis, Director


Workshops are intensive and provide a trusting space where published and aspiring writers may unfold their new stories and create new writing. The Aegean Arts Circle keeps each workshop small, working with award-winning instructors who are committed to writing and to nurturing the writers in their group. The workshops meet for three hours with an instructor in the morning, then writers are free to spend the afternoon writing, swimming or exploring the area. The group meets again in the evening to discuss their work, and then enjoys a traditional Greek meal with wine, prepared by a local chef. Participants stay in single rooms with bath, air conditioning, and private balcony overlooking the sea in one of the island's excellent hotels in the port town of Gavrio. Past instructors have included David Lazar,essayist and founding editor of Hotel Amerika, poet Adrianne Kalfopoulou,Thomas E. Kennedy, Robert Owen Butler, Natalie Bakopoulos, poet and translator Stratis Havarias, Nick Papandreou, Dorothy Allison, Connie May Fowler,, Jane Gould, Beatriz Badikian, and Elissa Raffa. There will be two workshops in summer 2016, The Short Prose Cross-Sectional Workshop with Michael Martone from June 23rd to July 4th, and the Soul of Place Multigenre Workshop with Pokkoli instructor Linda Lappin from July 7-13. For all information regarding fees and enrollment, please contact Amalia Melis at info@aegeanartscircle.com For information about financial arrangements, payments, logistics, scholarships, schedules, travel information, special meal requests, etc. please contact the Aegean Arts Circle director, Amalia Melis at the above address, or through the Aegean Arts Circle website,http://www.aegeanartscircle.com/

Remarks by a former participant:
"For the past 13 years the Aegean Arts Circle has been a constant fixture on the island of Andros. Undaunted by Greece’s ups and downs, Amalia Melis, Greek-American writer and artist from New York, keeps bringing award-winning authors there to help less experienced writers polish their skills and find their voice. Every summer a select group generates a unique environment of trust, dedication and focus that produces fine, publishable prose and lasting inspiration. As a measure of the success of these workshops, some people return again and again for that buzz of intense excitement that occurs when creative juices start flowing and words spill out onto page or screen with a force and confidence you had only dreamed of. Amalia’s recipe of morning meetings with exercises and critiques of a single participant’s chosen text, a poolside lunch or swim, free afternoons, and a delicious dinner under the stars rarely fails to elicit your best writing while fostering friendships in the process. I know. I’ve attended three Aegean Arts Circle "… Diana Farr Louis, Pushcart Nominee, 2015

islands are for writers
For more about Andros, see this Travel Guide by Diana Farr Louis. Andros Travel Guide


founder and director of Centro Pokkoli. Instructor for "Survival Italian," Italian culture and cuisine workshops. Glottodrama instructor and video maker. Learn more about him here.